Best Baby Jumpers

Best Baby Jumpers

A growing child always wants to explore something new around him, and his physical activity grows more and more. Besides, infants don’t know how to walk, and many of them crawl uncertainly. In this case, the problem may be solved by baby jumpers.

Nowadays a baby jumper is a favorite baby product that can serve both as entertainment and exerciser for little ones. While a kid is spending his time in the jumper, parents are free to do whatever they want to.

A baby jumper represents itself a baby seat with a high back. The spring straps are attached to the seat by means of which the jumper is hung to the doorway.
The kid, who is seated in this exerciser can confidently hold his head, and stand on the floor surface. But the most important thing that kids try to jump up by several centimeters thereby straightening their legs.

What is the Best Age to Use a Jumper for Babies?

This question might be very relevant for many parents. Specialists claim that parents should start using this device no sooner than a baby can sit on his own. Since all children are very different and the development of each of them occurs individually, the time of using jumpers may vary. You have to remember, that too hasty baby seating into this exerciser may cause complications in the development of the musculoskeletal system.

However, very often manufactures convince that this or another jumper can be used by three or four months kids. But there is no need to accelerate the development of your little one. At this age baby’s musculoskeletal system isn’t ready enough for such experiments. So, it is desirable to start using a jumper if the kid has already reached six months.

What is the Benefit of Baby Jumper?

First of all, baby jumpers help kids to develop their muscles of the legs, arms, shoulder girdle and strengthen their spine. Often, this product is recommended as a simulator for children who have a poorly developed muscular system or some other problems in development.

Besides the effect on the muscles, the use of jumpers stimulates the baby’s vestibular apparatus. Being engaged, he learns to coordinate movements independently and manage his body. Moreover, he learns to adjust the speed of his infant jumpers

But the most important thing is that spending time in jumpers brings a lot of positive emotions, helps in the active development of the baby, and facilitates his acquaintance with the surrounding environment.

What are the Types of Baby Jumpers?

Doorway Jumper

It represents itself a baby seat with a baby jumping swing and a bungee cord. The last one is attached to the door frame. Very often a baby jumper has special door clamps that make the product’s install really easy. Doorway jumpers are portable and usually do not take much space in the room.

Activity Jumper

This kind of jumper is very close to an exersaucer. It includes a frame which holds a playing tray, a baby’s seat, and toys. In comparison to a doorway jumper, it restricts baby’s motions, and it’s much safer as a kid can be less injured. But activity jumpers take a lot of space, and it’s a bit difficult to set them up.

Stationary or Stand-Alone Jumper

Such jumper is very similar to the doorway jumper, but it is equipped with a sturdy frame. So, you don’t need any door frame to install it, and it can be used both inside and outside. Stand-Alone Jumper is simple and usually doesn’t have any toy trays.

Baby Jumpers with Baby Walkers and Activity Centers

Both walkers and jumpers are excellent exercise equipment for children. They develop and give a good load on the kids’ musculoskeletal system. It has been noticed that children who grew up in jumpers or walkers are better coordinated and less get injured, they have a good sense of speed and acceleration, the feeling of their body in space. But if we compare these two products, we may notice that baby walkers are much steadier than jumpers because of their construction. And being in a baby walker, a toddler can be less injured than in a jumper. We described in detail about the best baby walkers in one of our articles.

If we compare a baby jumper and an activity center we may notice that baby activity centers are stationary, they have more entertaining activities such as music, lights, and toys. But they usually take much space in the room. What concerns a baby jumper, it’s a really compact product that can be easily stored and removed. And in addition to this, it costs less than a baby activity center.

But anyway, if you decided to buy one of these products you always have to keep an eye for your little one.

The best Baby Jumpers

Today, the abundance of baby jumpers often does not simplify, but even complicates parents’ choice. They want to choose the best baby product for their tots, and at the same time to save money. So, let’s figure out what are the best infant jumpers.

1. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper
2. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
3. Jolly Jumper with Super Stand
4. Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp
5. Bright Starts Deluxe Door Jumper
6. Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumper
7. Creative Baby Safari Jumper
8. Sassy Inspire the Senses Bounce Around

1. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper (Neighborhood Friends)

The Most Entertaining Baby Jumper

It has a playing station full of different activities such as funny music, a rattle boy with little beads inside, a spinning bird, the sun toy, musical notes, etc. Einstein jumper has special links to which you can attach any toys your baby likes. If music plays too loudly, you can control its volume by modes. What is great that your child can learn colors, shapes, and numbers in different languages – English, Spanish.

The seat is detachable, machine-washable and it spins at 360 degrees giving a kid a chance to move around and entertain with all surrounding toys. Also, the seat has a high back that is quite supportive of baby’s back especially while he is bouncing or jumping.

There are five different height positions which you can adjust according to your baby’s size and growth.

— Five height adjustments.
— Full of 12 activities.
— Learning center available in English, Spanish and French.

— It’s not easy to remove the seat.
— The price is rather high.
— Requires three AA batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does it work without batteries?
A: No, you need three AA batteries.

Q: Can I wash the seat pad in the washing machine?
A: Yes, it’s machine washable.

Q: How much does Einstein Activity Jumper weigh?
A: It weighs 19.18 pounds.

Final Verdict
With such a variety of activities, different toys, and music your little one will definitely entertain and jump in Einstein Activity Jumper with great delight. Also, this baby product is really convenient for parents, who don’t need to buy another one in a few months, as Einstein Jumper has five different levels of height.

2. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Best Jumperoo with Rainforest and Exotic Environment

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is designed for toddlers who are six months or more and with the maximum weight up to twenty-five pounds. The biggest advantage of this infant jumperoo is neck support in the seat. The very seat is soft and looks like a crab which will immediately attract baby’s attention. The fully rotating seat gives a tot a chance to play with all toys around him.

What concerns amusement, Rainforest Jumperoo features music with two volume modes, animal sounds, the light of different colors. Two hanging animals – a bird and a frog, on both sides of Rainforest Jumperoo will motivate your baby to jump as high as possible.
As a baby grows very quickly, there are three height positions.

— Rainforest themed design.
— Neck support.
— A great variety of exotic animals toys.

— A bit expensive.
— Requires 3 AA batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My son is eight months. Is Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo suitable for him?
A: Yes, it suits him as it is aimed for six months babies and older.

Q: Can I remove the hanging toys to prevent my daughter from bumping her head?
A: Yes, you can easily do that.

Q: Does this baby product come with batteries?
A: No, unfortunately, you need to buy 3 AA batteries.

Final Verdict
A great rainforest design together with fantastic exotic animal toys makes this Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo very attractive and amusing to buy it for many toddlers.

3. Jolly Jumper with Super Stand

The Most Portable Jumper for Babies

Jolly Jumper with Super Stand can be an excellent purchase for parents who want to train their kid how to walk, jump and stand. It’s designed for three years old babies and older with the maximum weight of 28 lbs.

Thanks to its simple and flat construction it’s really easy to travel with Jolly Jumper, and it doesn’t take much space. The very stand is durable and stable to keep tot’s weight. Besides, it is high enough letting your baby jump whenever he wishes. Thus, parents don’t need to worry that their little one may bump his head on the jumper’s frame.
The baby jumper seat looks like a saddle, and it’s very comfortable and supportive of the kid’s back during jumping.

— Easily transported.
— Can be used inside and outside.
— Comfy seat.

— Doesn’t suit for taller kids.
— Too simple without any toys.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there any weight limit for tots using this jumper?
A: Yes, it’s up to 28 lbs.

Q: Is the frame made of plastic?
A: No, it’s made from metal, and it’s very sturdy.

Q: Can it be used in a doorway without the stand?
A: No, you have to use the stand.

Final Verdict
Unlike its simple design, Jolly Jumper with Super Stand is a high-quality baby product, that assists in developing and improving movement coordination and balance for little ones. Besides, its premium spring helps a baby to strengthen his legs easily.

4. Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp

The Best Doorway Jumper for Smaller Kids

Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp is an excellent choice for many parents as it is aimed for 3 months toddlers with the recommended weight of 28 pounds. It represents itself a doorway jumper with a chain that gives a baby complete freedom in movements. The chain is adjustable. So, if you need to change the height position of the jumper, you may use more or fewer chain links depending on how tall your little one is.

Parents can hang it the entrance of a doorway. But, they have to remember that the jumper can’t be attached to all doorway frames because of its molding thickness.
The very harness is really safe and supportive of babies providing comfort and balance during babies’ motions.

Thanks to its simple design and not big size Jolly Jumper is very compact and won’t take much place in any room. Besides, you can easily travel with it to any place you need.

— Portable and compact.
— Easily stored and cleaned.
— A comfy and supportive harness.

— The price is high.
— Isn’t suitable for all doorways.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is jolly Jumper is equipped with a spring or bungee cord?
A: The jumper is equipped with a sturdy spring.

Q: Does it come with any stand?
A: No, it comes only with door clamps.

Q: What color is harness?
A: It’s black.

Final Verdict
Despite the fact, that Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp costs much for many parents, we would highly recommend it since it’s very durable, sturdy and safe. Also, it helps to strengthen babies legs and develop his motion coordination.

5. Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Deluxe Door Jumper

The Best Baby Door Bouncer with a Lot of Activities

It’s worth mentioning that Bright Starts brand is a famous and leading manufacturer of baby products for forty years. With a big number of attached toys, Bright Starts Bounce Door Jumper looks like a real activity jumper. So, your baby may find such toys as giraffe tethers, a zebra and a mirror. Thanks to its construction you can easily attach it to the framed doorways.

The baby door jumper is designed with a padded ring seat that provides much comfort to little ones. The seat pad is made of polyester that can be easily washed in the washing machine. Besides, it features a soft pillow for additional baby’s safety.

Parents can adjust the height of this jumper using special straps depending on the baby’s size and growth. Such option will improve tot’s posture in the seat while he is jumping or just bouncing. Two belts near the seat provide stability for kids. However, the spring and a top strap are longer, and because of that, your infant may swing more intensively. In this case, parents should keep an eye for their tot.

— At an affordable price.
— Has a soft pillow for additional baby’s comfort and safety.
— Movable and doesn’t take much space.

— Isn’t sturdy enough.
— Spring isn’t strong for a good baby’s balance.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I detach the pillow?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: What maximum weight does the Bright Starts Jumper hold?
A: The maximum weight is 26 lbs.

Q: Is this a girl jumper?
A: No, Bright Starts Bounce Jumper is designed for both girls and boys.

Final Verdict
Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Deluxe Door Jumper is a compact and portable baby jumper which can be easily attached to the doorway. With a padded seat and a really soft cushion your kid will feel comfortable and safe.

6. Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumper

The Best Activity Jumper for Baby Girls

Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumper is a fantastic baby product which will entertain your little baby girl for a couple of hours. It is full of different Minnie Mouse themed activities including music, lights and a great number of toys. In the front of the seat, there is a heart-shaped mirror. When the baby girl jumps, the lights and music start activating. There is also a volume control of music if the music annoys parents much.

A comfy seat rotates at 360 degrees, and a baby is able to reach all the toys around him. The seat pad is removable, and you can easily wash it in the washing machine.
Also, it is adjustable according to four different height positions, so it grows together with your little girl.
What is good that this infant jumper won’t take much space in your room.

— A great variety of toys
— An adorable Minnie Mouse design.
— Four height positions.

— Designed only for baby girls.
— Needs 3 AA batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is it also designed for baby boys?
A: Unfortunately, it isn’t a boy jumperoo.

Q: Is the mirror spinning?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Does it work without batteries?
A: If your toddler just bounces, Minnie Mouse Jumper works without batteries. But if you want the jumper to play music or illuminates the light, it requires 3 AA batteries.

Final Verdict
Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumper is the best girl jumperoo as it is created in Minnie Mouse design in pink color together with fantastic activities. So, your baby girl won’t be bored for a longer time.

7. Creative Baby Safari Jumper

One of the Safest Baby Jumper

The Creative Baby Safari Jumper is made in a fantastic safari design with exotic toys animals. The recommended age for babies’ using is from three months to three years.
The jumper has a removable musical tray with more than 10 funny activities together with music and lights.

The padded seat is rotating in all directions. Such option gives your toddler a possibility to play with all surrounding toys.
There are three height positions so you can adjust the Safari Jumper due to your baby’s weight.

The very construction is quite sturdy with a large base. What is good that the jumper is equipped with padded rubber feet providing more safety for your little one. Thus, your kid can’t slide from the jumper.

— Modern safari design.
— A great number of music and lights.
— Machine washable seat pad.
— Three height positions.

— Musical tray requires 2 AA batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What’s the product’s weight?
A: It’s up to twenty pounds.

Q: Does it come with wheels?
A: No, it’s equipped with padded rubber feet.

Q: How many height positions are there?
A: The Safari Jumper has three height positions.

Final Verdict
Creative Baby Safari Jumper is a great choice for babies who like exotic environment. With over 10 activities, toys and amazing music your toddler will be busy much. And what is more important that the jumper comes with rubber feet making your baby feel safe and comfortable.

8. Sassy Inspire the Senses Bounce Around Sassy Inspire

The Most Adorable and Cutest Baby Bouncer

With its ladybug theme and cute toys, Sassy Inspire Bouncer will immediately draw the attention of many tots. It has over twenty developmental activities, bold patterns, entertaining music, detachable plastic toys, a sunshine mirror. Also, parents can remove and attach other toys.

Like other jumpers mentioned above, Sassy Inspire the Senses Bounce has three adjustable height straps.
The machine washable seat can spin at 360 degrees.

— A wide choice of activities and toys.
— Features music and light.
— Ability to attach extra toys.

— Too large and isn’t portable.
— Isn’t durable enough.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long do the batteries drain?
A: About ten hours.

Q: Does it play any music?
A: Yes, you may find the button near the ladybug which has to be pressed to play the music.

Q: Can the seat be converted into a doorway jumper?
A: No, it’s a stationary jumper.

Final Verdict
This baby product comes with a lot of funny activities that will help kids to develop their cognitive skills. Overall, we would highly recommend this baby activity jumper to many customers.

Top 2 Baby Jumpers

We have reviewed a lot of different baby jumpers, and we would like to highlight two of them – Baby Einstein Activity Jumper and Jolly Jumper with Door toddler jumper
Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper is one of the most entertaining baby jumpers that has 12 different activities including music, toys, shapes. But its biggest advantage that a toddler can learn colors, shapes, and numbers in different languages – English, Spanish. The seat is rotating at 360 degrees and machine washable. Einstein Jumper also has five different height positions due to your baby’s growth.

best baby door bouncer

Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp is the best doorway jumper designed for smaller kids. It features a very sturdy chain that is height adjustable according to the baby’s size. So, if you have to chain the height position, you may add more or fewer chain links. Besides, the harness is very high-quality and supportive of a toddler. What is good that Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp is portable and compact thanks to its size and you can travel with it without any difficulties.


Baby jumper is not only an entertaining toy but also an excellent trainer that teaches kids the coordination of movements, trains their weak legs and strengthens their musculoskeletal system.

Choosing a baby jumper, you should always pay attention to its quality, clamps, springs, seat, different activities, and so on. It’s also very useful to look at customers’ reviews on various websites that will help you to make the right choice in purchasing a perfect toddler jumper.